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Business Continuity
Put the right plan in place to stay up and running.
Solution Building

Business Continuity Services can be a key element in many bigger-picture business solutions from Allstream. Explore your options:
  • Overview

    To keep your business operating even if a crisis strikes, you need a comprehensive, end-to-end continuity plan. Whether you’re hit by a power failure, a pandemic, a cyber attack – any unplanned interruption that disrupts communications or keeps employees from reaching the workplace – you need a step by-step strategy to protect your people, your operations, your data and your reputation.

    Disaster Recovery Self-Assessment Tool
    (Note: Some information about you and your organization will be needed for the assessment)

    Allstream’s Business Continuity services – backed by our secure, nationwide IP infrastructure – ensure that your network is ready to support whatever business continuity plan you choose, helping you recover quickly from any kind of crisis. Our experts also ensure that your continuity and disaster recovery protocols meet the increasingly strict demands of regulatory compliance – and, even more important, the expectations of your customers and business partners.

    For Allstream, the key to business continuity is network continuity. Whatever the size of your organization, you need to minimize the costly risk of downtime by integrating network capabilities to secure, back up, recover or replicate your vital communications services, IT systems and data – all the building blocks that keep your business up and running. And when an unplanned outage does interrupt your network, you need to restore communications within minutes.

    From Cloud-Based Recovery services that provide near-instant server replication to full-service physical work environments, Allstream ensures that your people can always stay connected with each other and with customers and suppliers – no matter what happens.

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  • Benefits

    Minimize network disruptions and downtime.
    Any business continuity plan is only as good as the networking and IT infrastructure that supports it.

    • Allstream’s experts work with your IT team to ensure your network is equipped with the secure, scalable capabilities and applications that will protect your business from service disruptions and enable rapid recovery times.
    • Our self-healing national IP network is supported by industry-leading security and backup features. Should a disruption or disaster strike your organization, we can restore your business-critical applications and data within minutes.


    Protect your reputation and your bottom line.
    By implementing an end-to-end business continuity and disaster recover plan, you protect your business from:

    • loss or leakage of critical data
    • lost work hours and business opportunities during and after the crisis
    • damaged brand reputation and/or lost sales revenues
    • dissatisfied customers, stockholders and business partners
    • supply chain disruptions that impact your vendors, distributors and customers
    • fines and penalties from regulatory agencies, as well as potential litigation.


    Simplify Business Continuity.
    Effective business continuity and disaster recovery strategies can be difficult to maintain and execute – especially if your IT resources are already stretched to the limits. Allstream’s experts can help you plan and implement a strategy that fits your unique organizational needs.

    We can also offer you a full suite of Managed Services to:

    • monitor and report on the health of your network and applications
    • test your continuity and recovery plans to ensure they remain effective and ready
    • ensure you are compliant with industry and regulatory standards.
  • Payback

    Lower your IT costs and business losses.
    Allstream’s Business Continuity services – backed by our secure, high-performance network – minimize the potential impact of downtime and help reduce both upfront and ongoing IT infrastructure costs.

    • Ensure faster, more efficient recovery times – and fewer lost work hours.
    • Protect your bottom line by keeping people connected, productive and delivering quality service – which in turn strengthens customer loyalty and generates higher sales and revenues.
    • Reduce your total cost of IT ownership, including hardware and software purchases, with cloud-based replication of servers and applications.
    • Save money by reducing or even eliminating the need to maintain off-site server facilities.
    • Minimize the networking headaches for your IT team, who can focus on restoring full capacity across the enterprise.
    • Enhance your business reputation and credibility – assets that can be leveraged in marketing and publicity campaigns.


    Increase your network ROI.
    Allstream’s Business Continuity services enhance your existing communications investments and allow you to take advantage of powerful networking and storage capabilities without incurring substantial costs. Our unique security features – embedded at every connection point of our national IP network – protect your IT infrastructure from disruption, saving you costly repairs and maintenance fees.

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$80 billion
in annual losses to American businesses from blackouts and power outages
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
26.4 million
hours of work time lost in Ontario and Quebec during August 2003 power outage
Source: StatsCan
staff across 11 paging zones and six campuses now connected by an emergency-response IP Telephony solution.
Allstream Case Study: Conestoga College
Solution Building

Business Continuity Services can be a key element in many bigger-picture business solutions from Allstream. Explore your options:
  • Cloud-based Recovery

    Allstream’s Cloud-based Recovery services provide virtual replication of your physical server environment – fully functioning and almost instantly accessible – to ensure that your critical business applications are available during unexpected interruptions or planned server downtime.

    • Cloud replication delivers real-time continuous availability of applications and data without the need to purchase, manage or maintain specialized hardware, software, networking or remote disaster recovery facilities.
    • By eliminating the need to physically duplicate your server infrastructure, you avoid paying for underutilized servers and reduce the scope and cost of your overall business continuity plan.
    • Allstream’s cloud replication services are also highly scalable: you can replicate only the infrastructure capabilities that you need, when you need them.
  • IT Systems Recovery

    Allstream’s IT Systems Recovery services are ideal for large enterprises and other organizations with complex requirements for platforms – midrange to mainframe – as well as computing and data storage.

    • We can provide full disaster recovery and business continuity planning for your applications environment.
    • Our experts will work with you to map out the provisioning of storage and networking equipment, along with the protection of mission-critical applications.
    • We can also help you evaluate the hosting services provided by Allstream’s industry-leading data centres.
    • And we can arrange for the delivery of mobile recovery units to your office in the event of an emergency.
  • Workforce Continuity

    Allstream’s Workforce Continuity services protect your employees and work processes from disruption by providing the physical space and related technological components you need to keep your workforce functioning. We offer both shared and dedicated workplace seats, as well as mobile workplaces, drive imaging services (to speed up desktop computer recovery times) and full contact centre capabilities.

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$80 billion
in annual losses to American businesses from blackouts and power outages
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
26.4 million
hours of work time lost in Ontario and Quebec during August 2003 power outage
Source: StatsCan
staff across 11 paging zones and six campuses now connected by an emergency-response IP Telephony solution.
Allstream Case Study: Conestoga College
  • Our Approach

    Our network and expertise are your safety net.
    Allstream’s Business Continuity services are supported by our reliable, high-performance national IP network, our stringent service level agreements, and our ongoing efforts to implement the latest security and networking technologies.

    • Our self-healing MPLS-based network ensures that your traffic is automatically rerouted in the event of a network, fibre or data centre failure.
    • Our High-Availability Internet Access service guarantees 24/7 online connectivity.
    • And you can rely on round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated network continuity and disaster recovery specialists.


    We tailor a solution to fit your needs.
    Allstream’s Business Continuity team can help you identify and prioritize key risks and then customize the best mitigation strategies to meet your requirements and fit your budget. We can also help you map out next steps to improve information availability and access to critical applications during a crisis. And we work with your IT team to build and test comprehensive recovery plans.

    We’ve got all the support you need.
    From network assessment, design, project management and implementation through long-term technical support, Allstream looks after you every step of the way. You can complement our Business Continuity services with solutions from our full suite of Allstream Managed Services, so your IT team can focus even more on supporting your core business.

    The Allstream difference: It's a human quality
    Any way you look at Allstream - our customers, our solutions, our network, our track record of innovation, our competitive spirit - we're truly all business. But that focus demands something very human from us: a commitment to building strong relationships with you, our customers, and delivering value on terms you define.

  • Our IP Network
    Allstream National IP Network

    Gain all the benefits of IP connectivity – nationwide.
    Allstream’s high-performance network delivers secure, dependable business communications from coast to coast. Our 30,000 km fibre-optic backbone combines advanced IP connectivity, digital switching, Ethernet-featured services and the latest security technologies. We can help you converge data and video with local, long-distance and private voice traffic over a single network. And we give you global connections through strategic partnerships with leading service providers in more than 70 countries.

    Get the best in reliability and security.
    Our end-to-end IP infrastructure ensures exceptional quality of service between metropolitan centres across Canada. We deliver critical business applications via highly secure transport modes at gigabit speeds, providing any-to-any connectivity and reliably supporting real-time voice, data and multimedia communications.

    Build on our great track record in innovation.
    Allstream is an industry leader in emerging areas of IP network convergence and unified communications. For example, we built Canada’s first MPLS virtual private network and IP trunking installations. We can further your organization’s pursuit of innovation on many fronts: to drive ROI on network and IT resources, to reduce infrastructure and operating costs with managed services, and to customize applications that will make your business more agile, efficient and responsive

  • Partners

    We partner with the world’s best to deliver the best solutions for our customers. For a complete listing of our technology partners, visit the partners section of our website.