A Guaranteed Difference
Voice, data and Internet for Canadian business

SIP Trunking

Guaranteed Savings Through Voice and Data Convergence

The power of SIP Trunking

Allstream SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking is an IP telephony service that simplifies IT operations and saves up to 40% compared to traditional telecommunication services.

SIP Trunking delivers cost savings by replacing your voice circuits with a single IP connection – saving you the headaches of managing multiple PRIs and networks and eliminating the need for separate PBXs at multi-site businesses.

As the first national provider of SIP Trunking in Canada, Allstream has the experience and expertise to deliver reliable IP voice service and technical support.

A guaranteed difference for your business

Allstream’s SIP Trunking offers exceptional value for Canadian business with its unique combination of Performance, Service and Price Guarantees.

  • 40% savings when you switch from legacy services.
  • IT operations simplified with a single IP network for voice and data.
  • Allstream’s certified partnerships and testing facilities ensure a SIP Trunking solution that works for your business.

Service Guarantees

 At Allstream, customer service comes to life with five tangible commitments:

1. Dedicated Order Manager
2. Guaranteed Due Date
3. First Bill Walkthrough
4. Service Resolution Expert
5. Customer Reference

Find out more about the Allstream Service Guarantee.

Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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Allstream SIP Trunking leverages IP and Internet technologies to allow businesses to converge their voice traffic onto a single network. Using a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) data network, or your Internet access, Allstream SIP Trunking supports a rich set of telephony features backed by superior management functionality and outstanding reliability.

How SIP Trunking Works

  • Data, Internet and voice traffic are consolidated onto a single, high-speed IP network, simplifying network management and improving capacity utilization.
  • The network is connected to the PSTN via Allstream’s SIP Trunking, eliminating the need for PRI connections at each office.
  • SIP Trunks connect directly to your IP-PBX, or through the use of the Allstream SIP Gateway can be configured with PRI signaling to connect easily to any legacy PBX.
  • Voice traffic is now carried over the data network, with optional failover capacity via a second connection to the PSTN in case of network failure.
  • Voice quality is assured through Class of Service (CoS) to prioritize voice calls over other traffic, ensuring reliable phone service free of jitter, latency or echo.

Allstream SIP Trunking Makes a Difference to Your Business

Cost Savings – Save 40% on telecommunications costs when you switch from your legacy phone service, including free long distance anywhere on the Allstream network and bundled free Canadian off-net minutes. Some conditions apply.

Simplify IT Operations – SIP Trunking gives you one converged IP network to manage and eliminates the need for PRIs and most PBXs. It also centralizes your hardware in one location, saving you time and money.

Scalability – Increase or decrease the number of PSTN connections and associated bandwidth without installing additional PRI trunks. Order just the bandwidth capacity you need, without being constrained by PRI’s 23 channel capacity limit.

Support – Easily access performance reporting via the Allstream TouchPoint portal for availability, packet loss, jitter and voice quality. We also offer managed services for overburdened IT departments.

Virtual Presence – Callers can reach you by local number even in areas where you have no physical presence.

Trunk Pooling – Allows you to utilize capacity as required between all your locations while simplifying design and provisioning.

Unified Communications – SIP Trunking provides the optimal network environment for advanced unified communications and collaboration applications, maximizing their capabilities.

Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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Allstream SIP Trunking is available on Internet access and MPLS access. SIP Gateway is an optional device that enables SIP Trunking to connect PBXs that don’t support SIP. The service is available with a range of business continuity options to suit your business needs.

SIP Trunking over Business Internet

This service is designed for businesses that rely primarily on dedicated Internet access for their network connectivity. SIP over Business Internet connects directly to the Internet and lets you run all data and voice traffic over a single IP backbone, eliminating the need for separate networks and costly PRIs. When delivered over Allstream dedicated Internet access, Class of Service (CoS) marking is used to prioritize voice calls over data traffic, resulting in high quality voice calls that are free from latency and jitter.

SIP Trunking over MPLS

For true IP network convergence, SIP Trunking over MPLS replaces expensive PRI/DS-3 circuits and voice gateways, allowing PSTN interconnections to multiple offices and worksites from a single connection point. Our qualified engineers design and test a SIP Trunking solution tailor made for your business needs.

SIP Gateway NEW!

This option provides the benefits and savings of SIP Trunking without upgrading or replacing your existing phone system. The Allstream SIP Gateway converts between SIP and TDM signaling enabling you to connect SIP Trunking to an existing TDM PBX. It delivers the benefits of SIP Trunking while connecting to your network like a PRI, ensuring fast, simple implementation.

Allstream’s SIP Trunking service helps your business in many ways:

  • Trunk pooling allows you to share voice capacity across all locations, eliminating the need to engineer specific numbers of trunks to each location
  • The SIP environment provides greater interaction of voice services with other applications, platforms, and networks
  • SIP maximizes the capabilities of today’s Unified Communication and Collaboration technologies
  • Class of service routing enables voice traffic prioritization, backed up by SLA support and failover capabilities
  • SIP greatly enhances your disaster recovery strategy

Technical Specifications and Requirements:

  • SIP or H.323 signaling protocol
  • G.711u, G.711a, and G.729 codecs
  • G.711 fax pass-through
  • Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency services
  • Bandwidth Requirement: 45 kbps (G.729), 100 kbps (G.711)
  • Class of Service routing available on Allstream MPLS access and select Allstream T1 and Ethernet Internet access
  • SIP or H.323 capable CPE such as IP-PBX, Media Gateway or SBC
  • Pre-certified for compatibility with major equipment vendors including AudioCodes, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Panasonic, Shoretel
Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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First in Canada

Allstream was the first national provider in Canada to offer SIP Trunking and the first provider to certify all leading PBX solutions in the market with its service. As an Allstream customer you can always count on having access to the most advanced communication and networking technologies.

We pre-certify the interoperability of leading PBX technologies to ensure smooth implementations and help you take advantage of Allstream’s extensive IP fibre network. As leaders in this area, we’re uniquely positioned to tailor an innovative solution for any organization.

Guaranteed Performance, Service and Savings

SIP Truning offers exceptional value for Canadian business with its unique combination of 3 guarantees.

1. Performance Guarantee: Quality and Reliability

Guaranteed Quality – Connecting through Allstream Class of Service enabled MPLS or Internet access (a Canadian exclusive), ensures that your voice traffic will be assigned high priority. The result: excellent call quality, free from the echo, delays and jitter problems occasionally experienced with IP telephony services.

Allstream SIP Trunking includes:

  • Class of Service (CoS) routing with MPLS and select Internet access types on Allstream’s IPv6 enabled network*
  • Service level agreement covering service availability and restoral intervals
  • Allstream TouchPoint portal with access to standard reports on performance parameters, including jitter, latency and packet delivery

*CoS is available on MPLS access and select Internet access types including Ethernet and T1. Your Allstream account team can help you choose the appropriate access type for your business needs.

Reliability – All components of Allstream SIP Trunking, such as core network, media gateways, soft switches, etc., include carrier grade redundancy provisions that provide very high availability. In addition, the service supports multiple re-route and failover options that ensure your end users will remain connected in case of outages or traffic congestion.

2. Service Guarantee: we’re easy to do business with

Our Service Guarantee includes:

Dedicated Order Manager – a single point of contact to oversee the delivery of your solution from contract through installation to acceptance.

Guaranteed Delivery Date – shortly after contract signing, we will work with you to set a firm installation date to which we will be accountable.

Service Resolution Expert – in the event that you contact us with a problem or concern, we’ll assign an expert to own the issue from start to finish while keeping you in the loop until everything is resolved.

First Bill Walkthrough – the option to have us walk you through your first bill or sales quote, checked for accuracy against your contract.

Customer Reference – we’ll connect you directly to an Allstream customer and you can learn more about what it’s like to do business with us.

If we miss on any service commitments that we make to you, we’ll credit you the value of one month’s service.*

* There’s a little fine print here; the guarantee is intended to give you peace of mind that we’re very serious about delivering value.

3. Savings Guarantee: save 40% when you switch from your legacy system

Many Canadian telecom providers promise savings to businesses when they replace traditional phone services with a VoIP solution. But how many actually guarantee those savings in writing?

With Allstream’s expanded SIP coverage across Canada, we can offer a 40% savings guarantee off traditional voice solutions* to more businesses than ever before.

Call 1-855-299-7050 or email us today to see if your business qualifies for this unique offer.

*Compared to PRI and long distance voice pricing on a national tier one network. Subject to certain assumptions and exclusions; please contact us for more information.

National IP Network


As Canada’s all-business communications provider, we own and operate a national IP network that extends over30,000 fibre kilometres and directly connects into nearly 3,000 buildings across Canada. Our network delivers the superior performance and reliability that Internet-connected businesses count on. Our bandwidth guarantee covers service availability, leveraging our highly resilient carrier-class infrastructure backed by our 100% service level agreement provided to our customers.

Our Partners

We partner with the best in the industry. As a longtime partner of Cisco Systems, Allstream has earned the highest award for Customer Satisfaction Excellence in the industry-leading vendor’s Channel Partner Program. The Cisco award recognizes Allstream’s commitment to superior service as a core value for our company and a key driver in our success. We partner with the world’s best to deliver the best solutions for our customers. For a complete listing of our technology partners, visit the partners section of our website.

Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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Save 40% guaranteed!* Get a quote today.
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