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Allstream's Craig Deveau and his Arbor Network counterpart discuss the increasing risks posed by DDoS attacks and how organizations can mitigate exposure.

Video Series: DDoS Attacks – Understanding the business impacts and mitigating the risks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have evolved into a major cyber threat, costing businesses of all sizes money and resources while damaging their brand image and business performance. Yet many IT professionals struggle to identify DDoS attacks and mitigate their effects.

In this informative series of seven short videos, Allstream security expert Craig Deveau along with his Arbor Network counterpart offer a crash course on DDoS threats — what they are, who is launching them and the full business impacts of an attack. Topics covered include:

Get the facts about this growing cyber threat and find out more about protecting your organization.

DDoS protection is available as an integrated feature of Allstream's Business Internet services. Built from Arbor Networks Peakflow SP, this comprehensive security solution protects your organization from DDoS attacks at every access point. Learn more here.

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