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Cloud Computing


Craig Brown, Senior Manager IP Managed Services, on what cloud enablement looks like and means.


If you’re thinking about moving applications and data to the cloud, is your network ready? Can you count on the consistent high performance you need? Are you protected by the right level of security? For all of your questions about connecting to the cloud – whether in a public, private or hybrid solution – Allstream has clear answers.

For starters, you need an enterprise network and IT strategy to gain all the potential benefits of cloud computing. With Allstream’s reliable networking solutions enabling your approach to virtualization, you can:

  • take advantage of highly scalable cloud-based services on demand
  • bring added flexibility to all of your IT-driven business processes, boosting productivity across your organization
  • eliminate the need to maintain physical servers and costly supporting hardware and software
  • build, use and pay for only the infrastructure and resources you need – when you need them.

Exploiting the potential of the cloud begins with secure, highly available connections. Allstream’s national IP network provides the foundation you need for accessing the full array of cloud services. You can opt for the performance, scalability and granular control of private IP networking. Or choose the ubiquity, simplicity and value of secure public Internet. Or create a cost-effective combination of the two.

As you implement your cloud strategy in stages, Allstream evolves with you. Our dependable, high-performance IP network ensures you have a solid connection to the cloud today – and are ready for further innovations down the road.


Boost productivity and efficiency.

Allstream provides the vital network connections to cloud services that will help your business run more smoothly and cost-effectively.

  • With just a few keystrokes, go from minimal IT capabilities to those of a much larger organization – with no need to need to build, house or monitor IT infrastructure.
  • Ensure that your employees, customers and partners always have access to critical applications and data.
  • Enable faster, smoother recovery in the event of a crisis or disaster.
  • Reduce the complexity and potential disruptions associated with implementing hardware and software upgrades or patches, as well as systems monitoring and maintenance.

Stay secure in the cloud.

Some organizations have resisted migrating IT services to the cloud for fear of exposing valuable data and applications to potential hazards.

  • With Allstream’s security solutions, your data is protected across your network – including across all connections to and from the cloud.
  • Count on an equal level of network security whether you choose public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.
  • And because our cloud services networking solutions are highly scalable and available on demand, you can easily integrate them into your business continuity strategy.
  • Allstream’s cloud infrastructure is housed in the same rigorously maintained, Canadian-based Tier 4 data centres as our Managed Hosting Services.
  • To further ensure that your business is safe from cyber threats, we offer Secure Connect, which protects your private network at every connection point to the public Internet.

Let us worry about network performance and availability.

Allstream’s Managed Network Services add even more value to our IP connectivity offering:

  • Boost productivity, reduce downtime and improve network performance while you fully reap the benefits of cloud computing.
  • Turn over many day-to-day network management and monitoring tasks to our experts, so your IT team can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Utilize resources more efficiently.

  • Eliminate upfront capital expenditures on hardware and data storage facilities.
  • Ease the burden of overall IT and network capital costs by converting many services to an ongoing operating expense.
  • Avoid the costs and potential downtime from hardware and software upgrades.
  • Reduce the expense of having skilled, full-time IT people monitoring and managing all server and application functions round the clock.
  • Cut your power bill and avoid costly expansions of data centre space by migrating hardware to our Managed Hosting facilities.
  • Ensure business continuity – and peace of mind – with Allstream’s disaster recovery solutions.

Increase your network ROI.

Allstream ensures that your existing network investment is enhanced with the scalability, reliability and security features required to connect your business to the cloud. Our experts collaborate with your team to help make the kind of informed planning and investment decisions that help you reap the full benefits of current and emerging cloud-based technologies.

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$26.5 billion

billion in revenue lost annually by North American businesses recovering from IT downtime

Coleman Parkes Research


in average revenue lost by medium-sized companies struck by IT downtime

Coleman Parkes Research

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Select from this list of Allstream products to learn more about the elements you can bring together to effectively enable a variety of cloud strategies.

IP Connectivity

MPLS Networking

MPLS Networking

Secure, High Performance, Converged VPN Solution

Converge your voice, data and multimedia onto a single, secure, high-performance VPN

Learn More
Wavelength (DWDM) Networking

Wavelength (DWDM) Networking

For ever growing bandwidth capacity, move data at the speed of light

Dedicated, point-to-point, bi-direction data connections at speeds of up to 10Gbps

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Secure Connect

Secure Connect

Conduct business confidently with cloud-based Security Services.

Cloud-based approaches to network security are the way of the future. Allstream is leading the market with SECURE CONNECT ®, our network-integrated suite of security services. By implementing Secure Connect, our Business IP-VPN customers can extend their virtual private networks through the public Internet – and add Internet-based services to their VPNs – all on a single access circuit. You avoid the time and costs associated with maintaining separate VPN and Internet infrastructures. And you benefit from scalable, network-integrated protection of all your valuable data and business applications.

Secure Connect unifies private and public IP networks, enabling you to integrate your VPN, Internet services and Internet-based access for remote offices and mobile workers on one secure network. There’s no need for multiple Internet access circuits, nor for capital expenditures on additional routers and security appliances. Secure Connect is a simple extension of your existing Allstream network.

What’s more, Secure Connect’s advanced features are integrated right into Allstream’s national IP backbone, which means you can apply security policies globally across the entire infrastructure rather than configuring each site individually. Cyber attacks, spam and other online threats are filtered out long before they reach your network. Secure Connect can also be complemented by Allstream’s comprehensive Managed Security Services – it all depends on what your business requires.

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Managed IP Services

Network Management

Network Management

You set the strategy and leave the everyday tasks to us.

You need to know how your network is performing around the clock. Even minimal downtime can compromise productivity, revenues, competitive advantage and customer loyalty. But maintaining and monitoring today’s increasingly complex communications infrastructures can be a costly responsibility that eats up budget, time and human resources.

With Allstream Managed Network Services, you maintain control of your overall network strategy while our certified experts monitor day-to-day operations, manage maintenance and upgrades, and rapidly respond to any interruptions. Whatever level of network management you require as your business grows, we deliver the highest levels of proactive support – all while saving you unnecessary IT hours and needless capital expense.

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Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Let the experts protect your network while you focus on business.

Managing a complex security infrastructure in the face of increasingly sophisticated threats is a round-the-clock job. You have to keep up to date with the latest protection technologies while responding to security events and complying with myriad reporting requirements. Allstream’s Managed Security Services simplify the complexity by taking on the day-to-day tasks of security while you focus on the big picture of managing your network to meet pressing business needs.

The endless innovation and sheer persistence of cyber crime demand a seamless, multi-layered and highly adaptable defense of your vital IT assets. Your corporate resources have to be out there and available, but only to the right people. With Managed Security Services, you can take advantage of the rigorous data protection, guaranteed service levels and significant cost savings delivered by Allstream’s security portfolio – while freeing up IT time and resources better spent on keeping your business moving forward.

Whatever level of management you require, our certified experts and integrated security management platform keep your network operating at peak performance while protecting your organization’s critical assets – and reducing your operational overhead.

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Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

Expert IT support for your critical business applications

Reliable IT infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of your business communications infrastructure. You need to maintain service levels and protect your valuable data across multiple platforms and geographically dispersed workplaces – all while keeping your infrastructure securely housed in a climate-controlled environment with a power source that can be restored at a moment’s notice in the event of a crisis.

You can move some or all of these challenges off your plate with Allstream’s Managed Hosting Services. Whether we’re simply housing your servers in one of our secure Internet Data Centres or providing the full spectrum of management, backup and IT services, our team of experts is ready to help you, day in and day out.

By making your hosting needs our responsibility, you avoid both upfront capital expenditures as well as the ongoing costs of having skilled IT people monitoring and managing your infrastructure – especially during periods of rapid business change. Whatever level of Managed Hosting Services you choose, rest assured that your data and applications will be protected by Allstream’s industry-leading security features – backed by the proven performance and reliability of our nationwide fibre-optics network.

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Put the right plan in place to stay up and running.

To keep your business operating even if a crisis strikes, you need a comprehensive, end-to-end continuity plan. Whether you’re hit by a power failure, a pandemic, a cyber attack – any unplanned interruption that disrupts communications or keeps employees from reaching the workplace – you need a step by-step strategy to protect your people, your operations, your data and your reputation.

Allstream’s Business Continuity services – backed by our secure, nationwide IP infrastructure – ensure that your network is ready to support whatever business continuity plan you choose, helping you recover quickly from any kind of crisis. Our experts also ensure that your continuity and disaster recovery protocols meet the increasingly strict demands of regulatory compliance – and, even more important, the expectations of your customers and business partners.

For Allstream, the key to business continuity is network continuity. Whatever the size of your organization, you need to minimize the costly risk of downtime by integrating network capabilities to secure, back up, recover or replicate your vital communications services, IT systems and data – all the building blocks that keep your business up and running. And when an unplanned outage does interrupt your network, you need to restore communications within minutes.

From Cloud-Based Recovery services that provide near-instant server replication to full-service physical work environments, Allstream ensures that your people can always stay connected with each other and with customers and suppliers – no matter what happens.

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Our Approach

Allstream is a recognized leader in building and managing secure, reliable networks for organizations of all sizes. Our cloud services are supported by the latest security and transmission technologies across our national network, while our High-Availability Internet Access service guarantees 24/7 online connections. We bridge the transition to the cloud with tailor-made solutions that are flexible, economical and backed by our team of networking experts.

The Allstream difference: It’s a human quality
Any way you look at Allstream – our customers, our solutions, our network, our track record of innovation, our competitive spirit – we’re truly all business. But that focus demands something very human from us: a commitment to building strong relationships with you, our customers, and delivering value on terms you define.

Our Approach

“They really got involved in the company to understand our challenges. Allstream wanted to be a partner, not just a service vendor.”

Mick Montgomery, Infrastructure Manager
Vicwest Inc.

Our IP Network

Allstream National IP Network

Gain all the benefits of IP connectivity – nationwide.
Allstream’s high-performance network delivers secure, dependable business communications from coast to coast. Our 30,000 km fibre-optic backbone combines advanced IP connectivity, digital switching, Ethernet-featured services and the latest security technologies. We can help you converge data and video with local, long-distance and private voice traffic over a single network. And we give you global connections through strategic partnerships with leading service providers in more than 70 countries.

Get the best in reliability and security.
Our end-to-end IP infrastructure ensures exceptional quality of service between metropolitan centres across Canada. We deliver critical business applications via highly secure transport modes at gigabit speeds, providing any-to-any connectivity and reliably supporting real-time voice, data and multimedia communications.

Build on our great track record in innovation.
Allstream is an industry leader in emerging areas of IP network convergence and unified communications. For example, we built Canada’s first MPLS virtual private network and IP trunking installations. We can further your organization’s pursuit of innovation on many fronts: to drive ROI on network and IT resources, to reduce infrastructure and operating costs with managed services, and to customize applications that will make your business more agile, efficient and responsive

Our IP Network

The Foundation of our solutions and services portfolio.

  • 30,000 route km across Canada
  • 18,000 route km of inter-city fibre
  • 9 cross-border connections
  • 3,000+ buildings accessed
  • 30 local city networks operations
  • 100 Gig capable DWDM transport
  • International MPLS, Switched Ethernet and Wavelength reach

We partner with the world’s best to deliver the best solutions for our customers. For a complete listing of our technology partners, visit the partners section of our website.


“Allstream gets it. They’re a fantastic partner – skilled, experienced and innovative in taking our technology and solutions to the Canadian market.”

Nitin Kawale, President
Cisco Canada