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Network Convergence


Vanessa Engel, Director Data and IP Services, considers the implications of one network for all communications.


Running voice, data and video over one network, seamlessly and cost-effectively – everyone’s been talking about it for years. Now it’s time to make it happen.

It’s hard to justify maintaining multiple networks and technology interfaces when you’re under constant pressure to manage IT demands more efficiently. As long as you’re dealing with that added layer of complexity, your business communications won’t be all that they could be and – more to the point – neither will your business.

You need to converge your voice, data and multimedia applications onto one high-performance IP network that connects your people reliably, securely and seamlessly. That’s what Allstream has been delivering to Canadian businesses for two decades. Leveraging the power of advanced Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), we cost-effectively route all types of communications from multiple sites across our nationwide, high-bandwidth, fibre-optic network.

You can evolve convergence to the next level with IP Trunking. By replacing your multiple connections to the PTSN with a single, secure access point, you simplify network management and set the stage for smoothly deploying more advanced unified communications in the future.

Supporting all traffic and applications with a single IP-VPN improves the quality of communications within your organization, as well as with your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. It significantly lowers the risk of security incidents or disruptive downtime. And it improves your bottom line by reducing equipment, long-distance and Internet charges – while helping you realize a higher overall return on your infrastructure investment.

Let Allstream simplify every aspect of your IT operationssupport desk workload, vendor relationships, the full spectrum of routine management tasks – with a flexible, tailor-made convergence solution.


Streamline your network management challenges.

  • Eliminate most of your WAN-PSTN and WAN-LAN interfaces.
  • Do away with multiple PRI connections.
  • Simplify network management and applications deployment with IP Trunking, collapsing as many as eight switches into one point of access to the PSTN.
  • Decouple WAN services from geographical limitations.
  • Centralize all networking equipment and connections in one location.
  • Avoid needless duplication of hardware and software.
  • Stop the inefficiency of upgrading voice, data and video applications separately.
  • Deliver easily scalable bandwidth capacity across your organization.
  • Maintain high performance levels even when you’re adding new applications, users and offices.
  • Minimize the risk of network downtime.
  • Free up your IT team’s time and resources so they can focus on core tasks.
  • Create a single point of contact for all network support.
  • Accelerate network expansion and the addition of future applications with an integrated technology roadmap.

Improve productivity and deliver a better customer experience.

  • Support videoconferencing and collaboration tools to help your people work together remotely and share data across desktops, offices and mobile devices.
  • Accelerate decision-making, work processes and production cycles.
  • Improve customer response times.
  • Raise customer satisfaction levels to build long-term loyalty.

Save money on infrastructure and staffing.

An end-to-end, converged IP network from Allstream can reduce your operating costs as well as major capital expenditures by:

  • optimizing network and applications performance
  • cutting IT staff hours spent on maintaining and upgrading separate networks
  • simplifying the hassles of connecting new network users, offices and applications
  • taking advantage of IP Trunking to further enhance management efficiency, flexibly adding or reducing capacity as needed
  • reducing monthly long-distance and Internet charges
  • eliminating hardware and software redundancies
  • minimizing losses related to network downtime
  • protecting your existing IT investments from obsolescence
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global employees interconnected via Allstream IP-VPN and six email servers reduced to one

Allstream Case Study: E1 Entertainment


reduction in time spent on moves, adds and changes by replacing PBX-based phone system with IP-based network and phones

Allstream Case Study: The Score sports network


countries accessed by Allstream’s Switched E and Global MPLS converged networks

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Select from this list of Allstream products to learn more about the elements you can bring together to enable a converged communications environment.

IP Connectivity

MPLS Networking

MPLS Networking

Secure, High Performance, Converged VPN Solution

Converge your voice, data and multimedia onto a single, secure, high-performance VPN

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Secure Connect

Secure Connect

Conduct business confidently with cloud-based Security Services.

Cloud-based approaches to network security are the way of the future. Allstream is leading the market with SECURE CONNECT ®, our network-integrated suite of security services. By implementing Secure Connect, our Business IP-VPN customers can extend their virtual private networks through the public Internet – and add Internet-based services to their VPNs – all on a single access circuit. You avoid the time and costs associated with maintaining separate VPN and Internet infrastructures. And you benefit from scalable, network-integrated protection of all your valuable data and business applications.

Secure Connect unifies private and public IP networks, enabling you to integrate your VPN, Internet services and Internet-based access for remote offices and mobile workers on one secure network. There’s no need for multiple Internet access circuits, nor for capital expenditures on additional routers and security appliances. Secure Connect is a simple extension of your existing Allstream network.

What’s more, Secure Connect’s advanced features are integrated right into Allstream’s national IP backbone, which means you can apply security policies globally across the entire infrastructure rather than configuring each site individually. Cyber attacks, spam and other online threats are filtered out long before they reach your network. Secure Connect can also be complemented by Allstream’s comprehensive Managed Security Services – it all depends on what your business requires.

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Unified Communications

IP Telephony Systems

IP Telephony Systems

All businesses need one basic power tool

An IP phone system from Allstream is your access point to all the business-building opportunities made possible by an IP-based network. It brings the incredible potential of integrated voice, data and multimedia communications to every desktop.

Supported by an IP-enabled PBX, now everyone in your organization can access voicemail, email, fax and other types of messages from their phones – or their PCs – through one secure interface. And as you implement more advanced business solutions, from videoconferencing and collaboration apps to a full contact centre, your IP phone system will be the basic power tool you need to gain all the further competitive advantages of IP telephony.

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Build strong working relationships face to face.

Allstream Videoconferencing lets you make those vital face-to-face connections without spending valuable time and money. We help you increase productivity and strengthen partnerships while reducing travel expenses and shrinking your carbon footprint.

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Unified Notification

Unified Notification

Send mass messages across multiple devices fast.

In an emergency, you may need to broadcast urgent messages to a mass audience. But how do you reach people simultaneously through a variety of communications devices? Allstream’s Unified Notification service quickly conveys time-sensitive information to a large targeted group via seven different channels – from calls to standard and IP phones to email and PC notifications.

Whatever the emergency, from a health and safety alert to a security threat, Unified Notification ensures you’re prepared to immediately disseminate critical information. The service can also be used for fast, dependable distribution of everyday news and updates to a wide audience.

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Managed IP Services

Network Management

Network Management

You set the strategy and leave the everyday tasks to us.

You need to know how your network is performing around the clock. Even minimal downtime can compromise productivity, revenues, competitive advantage and customer loyalty. But maintaining and monitoring today’s increasingly complex communications infrastructures can be a costly responsibility that eats up budget, time and human resources.

With Allstream Managed Network Services, you maintain control of your overall network strategy while our certified experts monitor day-to-day operations, manage maintenance and upgrades, and rapidly respond to any interruptions. Whatever level of network management you require as your business grows, we deliver the highest levels of proactive support – all while saving you unnecessary IT hours and needless capital expense.

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Managed UC

Managed UC

We optimize your UC environment so you can focus on the big picture.

There’s a lot to manage in a complex unified communications (UC) environment. You may be responsible for IP telephony and LAN infrastructure, along with various collaboration, presence and mobility applications – including videoconferencing. You’re under pressure to stay current with the latest upgrades and emerging technologies. Just keeping everyone reliably connected, with ready access to a growing array of apps, can strain your budget, time and human resources.

With Allstream’s Unified Communications Managed Services, our experts provide proactive monitoring and support for your entire converged UC network and its integrated applications. We help you increase network efficiency, optimize customer service, support growth initiatives and cut operating expenses – all for a very reasonable monthly fee. Choosing from a range of service models, you retain control of your converged communications infrastructure while we ensure your people stay connected with each other and with customers, even when you’re expanding, moving or streamlining your business.

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Our Approach

Allstream has been implementing and managing complex networks on behalf of our business customers for more than 20 years. We can help your IT team develop a converged IP-VPN solution that perfectly fits your organization – beginning with a custom assessment that pinpoints current performance issues, from the location and cause of dropped packets to signs of traffic overload or inefficient configuration.

After nailing down the optimum design, our experts work alongside your experts to ensure smooth, problem-free implementation every step of the way.

The Allstream difference: It’s a human quality
Any way you look at Allstream – our customers, our solutions, our network, our track record of innovation, our competitive spirit – we’re truly all business. But that focus demands something very human from us: a commitment to building strong relationships with you, our customers, and delivering value on terms you define.

Our Approach

“They really got involved in the company to understand our challenges. Allstream wanted to be a partner, not just a service vendor.”

Mick Montgomery, Infrastructure Manager
Vicwest Inc.

Our IP Network

Allstream National IP Network

Gain all the benefits of IP connectivity – nationwide.
Allstream’s high-performance network delivers secure, dependable business communications from coast to coast. Our 30,000 km fibre-optic backbone combines advanced IP connectivity, digital switching, Ethernet-featured services and the latest security technologies. We can help you converge data and video with local, long-distance and private voice traffic over a single network. And we give you global connections through strategic partnerships with leading service providers in more than 70 countries.

Get the best in reliability and security.
Our end-to-end IP infrastructure ensures exceptional quality of service between metropolitan centres across Canada. We deliver critical business applications via highly secure transport modes at gigabit speeds, providing any-to-any connectivity and reliably supporting real-time voice, data and multimedia communications.

Build on our great track record in innovation.
Allstream is an industry leader in emerging areas of IP network convergence and unified communications. For example, we built Canada’s first MPLS virtual private network and IP trunking installations. We can further your organization’s pursuit of innovation on many fronts: to drive ROI on network and IT resources, to reduce infrastructure and operating costs with managed services, and to customize applications that will make your business more agile, efficient and responsive

Our IP Network

The Foundation of our solutions and services portfolio.

  • 30,000 route km across Canada
  • 18,000 route km of inter-city fibre
  • 9 cross-border connections
  • 3,000+ buildings accessed
  • 30 local city networks operations
  • 100 Gig capable DWDM transport
  • International MPLS, Switched Ethernet and Wavelength reach

We partner with the world’s best to deliver the best solutions for our customers. For a complete listing of our technology partners, visit the partners section of our website.


“Allstream gets it. They’re a fantastic partner – skilled, experienced and innovative in taking our technology and solutions to the Canadian market.”

Nitin Kawale, President
Cisco Canada